November 25, 2021

Where To Work Off Those Extra Holiday Calories: Gambrill State Park

  The holidays are just around the corner and we all need to find ways to burn off some of those extra calories! Gambrill State Park is a great place for hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding. And for spending time off time off with family, especially if you love the great outdoors! Its a favorite at Dave’s! There are 16 miles of trails that take you through beautiful scenery on the ridge of the Catoctin Mountains in Frederick County. The park has two different areas: Rock Run Area and High Knob Area. Overview of Gambrill State Park High Knob...

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November 24, 2021

7 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is coming, so we thought we’d write some HVAC maintenance tips to help you prepare your system system prepared before cold weather arrives. This will help keep your home comfortable throughout the colder months without any need to buy a space heater or wearing layers of clothing indoors just to stay warm. You can save money on energy bills by taking the time now to prepare for winter. Furthermore, since winter temperatures are often low, your heating system must work even harder to warm your home. Increased usage also necessitates more regular upkeep to ensure that it runs properly...

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October 29, 2021

The Best Boutique Shops in Downtown Frederick

The Best Boutique Shops in Downtown Frederick Last month, we wrote about some of the best restaurants in downtown Frederick. Over the years, downtown Frederick has seen a resurgence not only with restaurants but with a number of independent, local specialty boutiques that line the streets. As the holidays are coming upon us, we wanted to share some of our favourite independent downtown Frederick shopping! Whether you’re a foodie or want something you can’t always find in a big box store…there is something for everyone! A lot of us at Dave’s HVAC Frederick offices love to spend an afternoon just...

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October 20, 2021

Ductless Installation Costs for Frederick, MD

How much will a ductless installation in Frederick, MD Cost? Last month, we wrote a blog article on the pros and cons of ductless mini split hvac systems to help you decide whether it is the right investment for your needs. Ductless HVAC system pricing can be complex, so we wanted to share some information that will help you understand exactly what you are paying for. And that so you have a better understanding when talking to your HVAC contractor. Afterwards, we will go over general pricing information and costs that apply to ductless hvac systems. Then we will dive...

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September 24, 2021

How to Prepare Your Heater for Fall

Ways to Prepare Your Heater for Autumn Those blistering summer days are coming to an end here in Maryland — which means it’s time to start preparing your home for the cooler months ahead. To ensure that your furnace is ready to tackle the cold with the utmost ease and efficiency, the Frederick County heating professionals at Dave’s Cooling & Heating share some tips on how to prepare the “heart” of your home for fall. Replace the Filter If you can recall, when was the last time you replaced your furnace filter? Over the course of a year, the system’s...

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September 24, 2021

The Best Restaurants in Downtown Frederick, MD 2021

The Best Restaurants in Downtown Frederick, MD 2021   Downtown Frederick, MD has become quite the destination for small independent boutiques and restaurants.  Located near the Frederick Fair Ground and The Great Frederick Fair this weekend, downtown is the perfect place to discover something new on foot.  It’s local favorite, here at the Dave’s Cooling and Heating headquarters There seems to always be something new and exciting popping up.  And there is also Carrol Creek Park which has a small creek that intersects with North Market Street, the main street running through downtown Frederick.  Perfect for the family, a date,...

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April 16, 2021

It’s Time to Prepare Your Home’s Cooling System

  The time to prepare your cooling system for operation is now. As warmer weather approaches, it’s crucial to ensure that the process of running a cool home starts smoothly and continues without interruption. Here are some tips on preparing your cooling system for operation: Check Your Vents First, check all air vents in the house. If they are clogged with dust or pet hair, clean them out before turning on the A/C unit. This will help keep allergens and debris from circulating through your home and being recirculated by the cooling system. It will also help improve energy efficiency...

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February 19, 2021

What Should You Do If A Rodent Dies In Your Ductwork?

Does your house have a strange smell that cannot be ignored? If so, the reality is that a rodent may have died in your home’s ductwork. This is not an uncommon problem, but you need to know which steps to take to resolve it so that the smell doesn’t continue lingering. In this article, we will offer you several steps that you can use to resolve this issue and get the air inside your home smelling good once again. Step #1 – Find The Source Of The Smell The first and obvious step (if you haven’t done it already) is...

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January 25, 2021

3 Reasons to NEVER Skip Your HVAC Maintenance

  Every homeowner should know how important a regular HVAC system maintenance check can be. Though you might think it’s just another reason to collect a service fee, the truth is routine checks of your system can prevent you from a costly repair down the road. Not to mention, the longer you neglect it, the more issues will arise.  So, when was the last time you got yours checked? If the answer doesn’t come into your head right away, you could be due to have a professional come on over and take a look.  Don’t feel like it’s a chore...

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August 11, 2020

Frederick AC Repair

Are you searching for Frederick AC repair? If so, contact Dave Cooling and Heating today by calling us at or click here to connect with us online. Dave’s Cooling and Heating specializes in reliable Frederick AC repair. This means that it doesn’t matter if your air conditioner stops working at night, during the weekend, or on a holiday, you can count on us being available to repair your air conditioner, for a great price. Unlike some companies in the area that will tell you that they are all booked up, our team is always available to provide people with Frederick...

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