The Best Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans in Frederick

A maintenance plan guarantees you preventative maintenance and services a pre-determined number of times per year. Usually, the services will include cleaning, adjusting, and changing out necessary parts of your equipment (like filters) for a set annual fee. Why would you want to secure a maintenance contract for your air conditioning unit? To keep your air conditioning system operating at peak performance, of course. To do so, your air conditioner should be serviced at least once a year—ideally before the hot weather begins.

When We Come to Maintain Your Air Conditioner, We Will:

  • Maximize Your Energy Efficiency: We’ll ensure that your system is running at its most efficient which will cut down on your utility bills.
  • Ensure That Your System Is Running At Its Best: Having a unit run at its best means consistent cooling and a system that works as needed.
  • Help Prevent Unexpected Repairs: Keeping your unit maintained and catching any issues early will help decrease the number of unexpected repairs.
  • Extend The Lifespan Of Your Unit: Prevention of system issues and breakdowns go towards extending the unit lifespan.
  • Uphold Your Warranties: Most warranties require that you have documented maintenance at least annually. If you do not, you could void your warranty altogether.
  • Provide Reminders: When it’s time for your unit’s regular maintenance, we will call to remind you and schedule your appointment. Never worry about a missed maintenance call again!

To learn more about the details of a maintenance plan at Dave’s Cooling & Heating, talk to one of our representatives today. You’ll receive peace of mind knowing that your system will be well cared for and less likely to leave you in a lurch when you need it most. A maintenance plan is a great plan to have. To get yours, call us today at 301-401-2780!

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