HVAC Contractor at work  in Frederick, MD - Dave's Cooling and Heating performing an AC repair

If your air conditioner isn’t giving you the best possible service, it could mean you need repair. When you can address issues early on, you won’t have to worry about being left out in the heat. After all, no one is happy when the air conditioner is down and it’s 90 degrees out. Not to mention the health risks that it exposes to our children and the elderly to. Don’t sweat it out – call us at Dave’s Cooling & Heating. We’ll thoroughly assess your system to make sure that it is fixed, and we’ll also make sure that it is most efficient.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair:

  • The Unit is Inconsistently Cooling Rooms In Your Home: You should be receiving an even cooling throughout your house.
  • If It’s Blowing Out Warm Or Hot Air From Your Vents: Warm air is not what you should be getting from your AC unit.
  • Your System Is Making Strange Noises: Noises can indicate a plethora of issues. Be sure to get your system checked out right away in this instance.
  • If It Has Frozen Or Leaking Coils: Frozen coils mean your system isn’t working at its potential.
  • If You Are Experiencing Low Airflow: Low airflow can mean an issue with the compressor or the ducts and should be checked out right away.
  • The System Is Constantly Running: This could mean an issue with the thermostat or trouble with themotor.
  • If You Are Noticing Water Leaks Or Too Much Condensation: Leaks are never a good sign and should be addressed immediately.
  • You May Notice Foul Odors Emitting From Your Vents: Foul odors can indicate burned wires or something else.
  • If You Are Noticing Higher Than Normal Electric Bills: There are many reasons you could see a spike in your electric bill including: leaks, broken thermostat, or advanced age of the unit.

If you have noticed one or more of these problems with your air conditioner, don’t delay – call for service immediately. The sooner you call for service, chances are you can prevent a total breakdown of your system. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the costlier it can be. Whatever the problem may be, we’ll send out a technician to ensure that everyone is comfortable again.

Call us at (301) 401-2780 for air conditioner repair service in Frederick, MD and surrounding counties today!