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Have you ever pulled your clothes from the washer to find that your newly washed clothes don’t smell fresh and look rather dingy? Or have you noticed that over time, your once fluffy and luscious towels are flat and dull? That’s because of the buildup of soap and fabric softeners. When you are using these chemicals on your clothes, it weighs down the fabric making it flat and lifeless. Need fabric full of life? The laundry scrubber is your answer!

How A Laundry Scrubber Works

The Laundry Pro by Aerus uses cold water and oxygen to lift the built-up dirt and grime from your clothes and linens. In doing so, it prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing once again. The bubbles that are infused within the cold water contain oxygen, peroxides, and other gases that lift the dirt from cloth fibers leaving your laundry looking brighter.

Protect your family from chemicals

Original scent, scent free, triple action, detergent with bleach…there are so many kinds of laundry detergent available. There are even some specifically for the sensitive skin of babies that claim to have removed the scents and other harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin and still get clothes clean. With the laundry scrubber, you don’t use detergents at all, you don’t even use hot water. You can kiss those harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and may cause other health issues, such as, asthma, rashes or headaches goodbye. Reduce your family’s intake of toxins and have the cleanest clothes you have ever had.

Save money and the environment

You can save money for your household by not using hot water and conserving on your energy bill. Additionally, you will no longer have the need to purchase other laundry-related items such as bleach and fabric softener. You will also reduce the need for new clothes so often because yours will hold up better after repeated washes. Cold water is more gentle on laundry and you won’t experience the build-up of detergent and softeners breaking down your fabrics.

The laundry scrubber will also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the number of plastics your household uses. Additionally, you will no longer be releasing to toxin-rich waters that sadly end up in groundwater near our homes, streams and even oceans. Remember that when you preserve the environment today, you are saving it for future generations to come.

If you are ready to start protecting your family against the harsh chemicals used in laundry detergents and are ready to begin saving money, then the laundry scrubber is for you. It’s time to seriously rethink the way you do laundry in your home and look into having the laundry scrubber installed by a trusted professional.

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